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Alarm Clock Company , the publisher behind many iOS app (World Clock Pro ,Night Stand for iPhone ,Despertador Grátis ,Despertador HD ,Night Stand for iPhone Free - Social Reader, Weather & Alarm Clock ,Clock Pro Free - Alarms, Clocks & Alarm Clock), brings Despertador Grátis with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Despertador Grátis app has been update to version 1.32 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The perfect travel companion..
  • I want more of an old school alarm buzzer or bell option..
  • the application automatically retrieves and displays local weather information..
  • I downloaded because of the iTunes music sleep timer..
  • I especially like the almost infinite choice of display color choices..
Overall Satisfactionclick me93
this is quiet possibly one of the best alarm apps I have tested.
This is absolutely the best alarm clock app ever it rocks.
LOVE waking up to my music playlist gets me ready to start my day.
Being able to change the color is awesome as well.
Looking forward to waking up to my favorite song in the morning.
Love the flashlight feature and being able to save alarm settings.
I like the large numbers and the dependability of the alarm.
I love the news feed with Facebook and other sites.
Fun & Engagingclick me95
awesome alarm clock and the news update ticker is the shitaki mushrooms.
Could use a few more sound options and.
Great app use it all the time.
Awesome color combinations.
Usefulnessclick me93
Helps me get up in the Morning feeling happy to listen to my music.
This free alarm app does everything I need in an alarm.
it wakes me up every day on time and it has smooth sounds.
I use it everyday to wake myself up for school.
Great app very useful.
I Find the app to be really useful and helpful.
Social Aspectsclick me79
Better when you turn off all the feeds to social media.
social media and news integration.
Production Valuesclick me97
Simple and easy interface.
easy interface.
Ease of Useclick me64
My grandson taught me how to set the alarm in CO weeks ago.
I can't figure out how to set the alarm.
Was looking for a simple alarm clock with a sharp interface.
Does not do a simple alarm consistently.
With features to program each alarm with different music.
Easy to use features and its not completely overwhelming.
big numbers easy to see without glasses.
Functional and easy on my eyes.
Simple and easy interface.
Reliabilityclick me98
The snooze doesn't work if you navigate away from the app.
but i came back because it failed to wake me up at all.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me62
Has bright ads that cant be dimmed.
Annoying ads.
Security & Privacyclick me48
Haven't been able to sync with my twitter account though.
Batteryclick me75
It has weather a flashlight the date and my battery percentage.
One problem is that it does not update the battery percentage.
it will drain the battery before it is time to way up.
But a BIG problem is it drain the battery.


O despertador traz música ao seu quarto e mantém-no ligado aos seus amigos das redes sociais!


★ PROMOÇÃO de introdução! ★
Com informação meteorológica integrada, RSS e redes sociais tais como o Facebook e o Twitter, despertador que o mantém informado durante toda a noite!
✓ Lanterna ✓ Temporizador ✓ Despertador com música do iPod✓ Meteorologia ✓ Facebook ✓ Twitter ✓ RSS ✓ Nível da bateria ✓ Despertador totalmente funcional ✓ Aplicação universal




- Toque a sua música favorita do seu iPod, ou uma lista de música para acordá-lo gentilmente.
- Leia automaticamente as mensagens mais recentes dos seus amigos do Facebook
- Leia automaticamente os últimos "tweets" dos seus amigos no Twitter
- Leia automaticamente as últimas notícias do RSS do Google Reader
- Adormeça com músicas relaxantes, podcasts e livros áudio utilizando o temporizador integrado.
- Opção lanterna instantânea ao sacudir o aparelho
- Cores ilimitadas para personalizar o seu relógio
- Aplicação Universal (Pague uma taxa única para ter o despertador HD no seu iPhone E no seu iPad!)

Despertador GrátisDespertador Grátis
Tags :   música ,   despertador ,   alertas ,   aplicação






Configure os seus próprios alertas, alertas diários, semanais, etc. Você pode deixar o som do alerta ou música diminuir com cuidado e definir a duração desta diminuição quando o alerta é lançado.


Leia as últimas notícias dos seus amigos e família. Mantenha-se ao corrente com os feeds RSS e as mensagens do Twitter. Ecrã tudo-em-um e fácil de configurar segundo os seus interesses pessoais.
Despertador Grátis


Acorde com a sua música iPod favorita. Adicione uma, duas músicas ou listas de música aos seus alertas.


Receba alertas mesmo se a aplicação estiver fechada utilizando as notificações locais iOS.


A aplicação recupera e exibe automaticamente a informação meteorológica local. Poderá ver a temperatura local, descrição meteorológica e detalhes sobre o vento. Não é necessário seleccionar uma localização manualmente!


Toque a sua música iPod durante um determinado período de tempo e faça com que a música pare de tocar quando adormece. O temporizador irá diminuir a música gentilmente para que não acorde devido a mudanças sonoras abruptas.


Transforme o seu iPhone ou iPad numa lanterna facilmente ao sacudi-lo. A lanterna também ilumina o LED em aparelhos com LED tal como o iPhone 4.


Deslize o ecrã do relógio da esquerda para a direita para controlar o brilho do primeiro plano.


Monitorize o nível da sua bateria desde a aplicação.


Ajuste completamente a função "Adiar" e a sua duração.


Integração automática de todas as suas configurações de relógio no iPhone, tais como os formatos AM/PM e 24/12 horas.


Todas as funções deste despertador são ajustáveis.


The Despertador Grátis is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 13.2 MB to download. The new Despertador Grátis app version 1.32 has been updated on 2014-11-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Despertador Grátis check developer Alarm Clock Company`s website :


Love the flashlight feature and being able to save alarm settings. found in 80 reviews
this is quiet possibly one of the best alarm apps I have tested. found in 1112 reviews
Helps me get up in the Morning feeling happy to listen to my music. found in 31 reviews
I can see the numbers without my glasses and easy to set. found in 20 reviews
I love being able to wake up to my most favorite songs in the morning. found in 54 reviews
Didn't have a travel clock and this was perfect. found in 34 reviews
Never news to bring a travel alarm clock. found in 46 reviews
I love the news feed with Facebook and other sites. found in 33 reviews
Would recommend to anyone that wants cool alarm clock. found in 46 reviews
It works awesome as my bedside clock at night. found in 47 reviews
This is absolutely the best alarm clock app ever it rocks. found in 1108 reviews
Nice big numbers that are easy to read in the dark. found in 32 reviews
alarm clock hd - free does everything they say it does. found in 262 reviews
I made my iPhone into a digital night clock. found in 21 reviews
I love the dimming feature and the old school look. found in 16 reviews
It gives you everything from weather to news updates. found in 33 reviews
Wonderful way to have bedside alarm clock and flashlight when traveling. found in 23 reviews
Best free alarm clock plus on the market. found in 95 reviews
Since then it has replaced our nightstand clock. found in 40 reviews
Great function and really like the alarm options. found in 23 reviews
The snooze doesn't work if you navigate away from the app. found in 14 reviews
When it wakes me up it's not an annoying alarm. found in 16 reviews
On three different occasions it failed to wake me up. found in 10 reviews
If the app isn't running it won't play the song you chose. found in 5 reviews
It doesn't seem to open when the app is not opened. found in 40 reviews
Needs to be louder but I use it every day. found in 9 reviews
Crashes when I try to connect it to my Twitter account. found in 12 reviews
Bright Ads and Lots of Them. found in 8 reviews
You need to leave the app open for the alarm to work. found in 8 reviews
This alarm needs a snooze you can hit at least twice. found in 5 reviews
App has to be open & running to work which drains your battery. found in 25 reviews
the app must be open and running in the foreground to work. found in 8 reviews
this app is having issues related to the daylight savings changeover. found in 12 reviews
I liked this alarm a lot but it stopped going off. found in 7 reviews
Not load enough sometimes I am really crashed out. found in 3 reviews
if your device is not fully charged or isn't plugged it. found in 8 reviews
The snooze button does not work when the phone is locked. found in 8 reviews
Be careful as the app needs to be kept open to work. found in 12 reviews
Won't try to connect Facebook until I get Twitter working. found in 9 reviews
But the draw back lies on that it cannot run in background. found in 5 reviews
Like if you don't have your phone on the alarm screen. found in 11 reviews
the snooze button doesn't seem to work. found in 63 reviews
Can't get my music to play. found in 14 reviews
and doesn't seem to have a snooze option. found in 21 reviews
It is the worst alarm clock app I have ever had. found in 9 reviews
If I hit snooze I hear MY music. found in 24 reviews
This idiotic app didn't automatically adjust for daylight savings time. found in 12 reviews
it freezes and returns to the home screen. found in 24 reviews
Unless app is open all night you will be late for work. found in 50 reviews
Shuts off when setting an alarm. found in 9 reviews
Crashes when I try to connect my twitter account to it. found in 12 reviews
Worthless if phone in silent mode. found in 10 reviews
But a BIG problem is it drain the battery. found in 13 reviews
app crashes when trying to open and won't work at all. found in 40 reviews
Cool color selection but alarm never went off. found in 27 reviews
The color is good but the sound needs to be louder. found in 9 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
I use it as a timer and sometime alarm clock It does what it promises             Does the job
You must display the app on the screen before bed So if you use another app or get a txt or call or simply forget to display it you wont be getting up on time5s    Does NOT Work
Please fix this alarm It was the best alarm ever but stopped working since last update Ive had this app for at lease two years without any problems but now its useless    Not working since update
Its okay I only use it because it wakes me up and not the rest of my family if I put earphones in          Havent really seen anything that makes it special
Im glad I set a test It never went off for any of the test alarms inset deleting it now    Doesnt work at all
I love this app so much that I might hug it                Great
Its a good app                Clock
After midnight I changed the wakeup time from 645AM to 600AM and the alarm got set up to go off TOMORROW morning instead of THIS morning Wont count on this again    BE CAREFUL
I downloaded this app because it had such a good rating But I am constantly having problems I set a series of alarms every morning to keep my kids on schedule with getting ready for school All alarms only go off randomly One day the first alarm works The next it doesnt Etc When I hit snooze the amount of snooze minutes keeps changing even when snoozing the same alarm This morning at the correct time the screen looked like the alarm should be going off snooze and stop buttons lit up but there was no sound When it does go off I don t know if I will get music or the notification sound Its just too unreliable Deleting and looking for a new appUpdate its been along time since I tried using this app I thought I would give it another try seeing that its still very popular I tried to set an alarm 4 different times It has not went off at all Ive checked the volume the ring tone but I cant figure it out Deleting this again    Doesnt work for me
Just loaded this app yesterday Dont like it all Clunky to use Didnt go off as set Used 12mb in 7 hrs And prevented my battery from charging completely    Doesnt work
It doesnt play music out of sleep mode like it normally does It has been rock solid for me I always have it charging overnight but after upgrading to iOS 9 yesterday if failed to play any music this morning Good thing I set a backup just in case Cmon get a fix out       Not iOS 9 ready yet
This app used to work great I thought it was me but after reading that others are having the same issues I know its not just me       I have to agree with previous reviews
I can always depend on this App Dont need it often but when necessary its the best                Alarm clock
You do have to make sure the app is open in order to use the music feature But it does give good instructions in the best ways to use the alarm                Works great
Handy to have on a cruise or trip You always have the iPad The numbers are large enough to see without your glasses Just uses a lot of power gotta keep it plugged in             Alarm clock HD
Use this on the road and does a great job I put phone in horizontal orientation and looks just like and alarm clock                Great travel companion
I use this trust app everyday to wake up but also as a stop watch and timer when grilling and cooking Goes with me everywhere                Best Alarm Plus Other Features
I have been using this alarm clock almost as long as I have had my iPad Every night I plugin the iPad for charging and bring up Alarm Clock HD In the morning the alarm goes off and I wake up No hassle because the alarm series is preprogrammed and keyed to the day of the weekThen a few weeks ago it started crashing on launch I figured out that it was consuming 23 Gb of storage on my iPad so I went through the settings and shut off all the data feeds That seemed to fix the datahogging Then there must have been an update For the past three days the alarm has failed to go off in the morning That is the absolute worst thing an alarm clock app can do Plus when I deleted it from my iPad I learned I was freeing up over 4Gb of storage spacethats more than my entire music library Sorry I cant have an alarm clock that not only fails to sound on time but also hogs precious storage space on my iPad Pity given that it is a gorgeous and useful interface    Something went terribly wrong
Very good             Alarm
Not reliable as an alarm clock I have had it fail to function properly at least 4 times in the last maybe 15 times Ive used it I leave it up and operate it how they suggest and it doesnt seem to help Also your phone will be almost dead if this app is left as its suppose to be to function properly You need to charge your phone while using it and you need to have a backup alarm You MUST have a backup alarm    Power sucker fails to work 100
Very easy to use it is like having an easy button                Easy Button
If u are not able to keep it plugged in it will kill battery but havent had issues             Its cool wit the music at night
This app is so easy to use youll love it                Great App
I really like this I like the fact that you dont have to turn your volume up to turn its volume up because if your like me you dont listen to all of your apps as loud as they go at the most 3 but on the app it have a flume button and u can change the brightness of the alarm clock so if you wake u pro it and you turn on your phone you dont see the brightest thing ever anyways I really like the app but all of these people saying it doesnt work kinda scares me             I like it
Super great alarm clock I love it that I can wake up to my own music and have easy access to personalize what I want                Awesome
Stopped working after 6 months Dont use    Dont use
Ive used this app for 2 years It has never failed me Easy to use and works every time                Love it
The alarm is SO quiet I woke up an hour after    QUIET
My iPhone alarms shut off after a minute or two of going off if Im super tired Im gonna need something that goes off till I get up to shut it off This alarm is perfect and has not failed me once and I have it on my phone as well as my iPad Wakes me right up Kinda has a lot going on in the settings page but I ignore it all and set me alarm Definitely recommend this alarm                Way better than iPhones alarm
Works great                A
Fairly easy to use and a nice addition to your phones tricks while traveling                Alarm clock
I use this when I travel and it has worked flawlessly for the last several years Easy to use I would highly recommend it                The Best
Luckily I have other devices with alarms and I NEVER depend on one because if I did with this one it wouldve let me over sleep My MacBook Galaxy iPod kindle and nook is a better alarm than this The birds had better luck waking me up than this The only aspect that this accomplished was random news at the bottom of the app screen when you click itDONT BUY THIS APP WILL MAKE YOUlate for classlate for worksleep the whole day lolIf you never want to be interrupted during your sleep this is perfect for you    Never worked tried many times and it failed even a 2min later alarm
I used to love this alarm clock for the fadein feature which woke me up gradually instead of with jarring blast of music But the problem with an alarm that works 99 of the time is that 1 of the time when it doesnt youre screwed I always sleep with the alarm turned on and phone plugged in and on at least 10 occasions in the past year I have woken myself up late only to find the alarm light flashing as if it was going off but there was no sound I have recreated every possible scenario with the volume turned up or phone switch to mute and cannot recreate it as user error As much as I hate to drop this app I need a reliable alarm clock    Works great until it doesnt
Think app only works 50 of the time       5050
Calendar that comes Apple devices does not have an alarm they only has a notification which cant see while you are sleeping                Great
So for the past two days this alarm hasnt worked It was working just fine then it decided not to Got up late for school due to this not ringing Going to find a different alarm app    Works sometimes
This alarm will almost completely drain your battery unless you leave your device plugged in to charge You cant trust it not to kill your device       Works while Plugged In
Ive been using this alarm for quite a long time I like the size of the numbers I can see what time it is without my glasses and the choice of alarm sounds The only problems I have ever had with it is my turning off the iPad or not leaving the iPad or iPhone plugged in while using it overnight                It Works
I love it because it works As long as it wakes me up in the morning so I can get ready to study Im fine with it 1010                Alarm Clock
Never had any issues with this app Love treat you can fade music in                Great app
You get me up in the morning after watching Netflix at night                Great App
So helpful                Amazing
1 I only wake up 3 AM every other Monday Every TuesdayWednesday Thursday andFridaySometimes Sunday I wake up 5 AM on Saturday Doesnt have good options          Setting the alarm
Quick simple easy to use Just make sure you dont leave the alarm face active all night while sleeping without your phone plugged in as it could drain the battery and you could miss your alarm                Love It
Works terrific                Works as described
I know some claim it fails but that has not been a problem for me                Great App
To make it simple There isnt a better alarm app on the market I have tried them all Go for it you wont be sorry                Alarm HD
I love this app but a few more options of all kinds and maybe a few more foreground color options                This app is cool


Alarm Clock Company
13.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.32
iPhone iPad

iOS Despertador Grátis 1.32 Mobile

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